MMA in Japan June/July?


can anyone suggest websites or people I could contact to find out what MMA events will be on in June/July 2005? I'm planning a trip to japan and want to coincide with Pride or another MMA event but noone seems to have planned that far ahead yet.



Hey csw0101,

I went in July last year and April this year and managed to catch a
Shooto show the day after I got there in July and went to Shooto,
Pancrase & Pride Opening Round in the 2 weeks I went in April this

I suggest you plan your trip for "around" the time you want to go but
DON'T book the flight till you find out when some shows are on and
plan your trip around that. Wait till around late March early April and
you'll be able to find out some dates by then. I did last time and it was

Will this be your first trip to Japan?... Plan it right and you'll have a
blast. My last trip I ran into Chuck Liddell while I was having noodles in
Akihabara!!! Met Yuki Kondo, Gomi, Ron Waterman and more at a
Pancrase event. Bas was sitting in front of me at the show and was
razzin me dude.

If I can help in anyway...just ask.

  • Juggs has a page on it with event dates listed. Not sure if they have june/july next year up yet

yeah,...I knew SILK would come callin.. hey SILK..can you e-mail me bud Roy (here in Australia)told me to contact you.

Hey JDee

thanks muchly for the advice! Are you in Oz as well? I'm actually hoping to use Frequent flyers points which is why I'm trying to find out dates so far in advance. Otherwise I'll just book and hope. How did you get tickets? Did you just turn up and pay?

I'm also hoping to get in a training session or two.

Silk - thanks!


Roy as in the guy from the Gold Coast with the hot girfriend? You friends with THAT guy??!! Man, I'd choose me mates better. He is a most dubious character ;-)

Just kiddin. Send me best to Roy and tell that bum to email me sometimes!!

oh, and mail sent.

Albert - regardless of what month you come here, there will always be something showing. Maybe not always the big shows like Pride. All Japan kickboxing is every month. Shootboxing is almost every second month, then there is Pancrase, Shooto, Demolition, ZST and what not. Follow Juggs advice and you'll be fine. How long can you wait before booking? Maybe wait till Pride announces their roster for next year and take it from there.

Thanks Silk. I'll try and wait till about Feb or March till I book so that they have the schedule for June/July. It all depends on how many seats they reserve on each flight for frequent flyer tickets - sometimes there will be heaps and othertimes eg. sth africa - they all go 6 mths in advance. It's good to know there will always be shows on. I'm hoping to do a training session as well - maybe at Purebred gym?


"Roy as in the guy from the Gold Coast with the hot girfriend?"...sooo

csw0101... yeah bud,..I live on the Gold Coast (slowly becoming the
MMA capital of Oz hey?).

Tickets to the shows are not hard to get at all. Both times I've been
there I've made it a point of the first day I got there to go get tickets to
the events. There's a ticket office on the 5th floor of Korakuen Hall that
sells most tickets to most shows. Just go there and look at the maps of
the seating and point and pay. Spend the extra and get the good
ringside seats at any Korakuen Hall's worth it. I paid $100 OZ
for a Pancrase seat and was 2nd row with a perfect view until Bas sat in
front of me..which ain't a bad thing ;p Just remember...we pay $100 to
sit ringside at SPARTAN so Bas or someone spilling bear on you is
money well spent.

Funny thing about tickets too...everybody (back home) asked me where
I bought tickets to PRIDE GP and laughed when I said a LAWSONS. It's
funny when you realize a LAWSONS is exactly like a 7-11 back home
here!! True!!

Training's not a hard thing either... I have a huge list of gyms with
addresses (anyone have any I don't please e-mail me), and most are
very accomadating to let you train. I've only trained at AXIS and
Academy Az (both BJJ) but a friend of mine trains at TK's when he goes
and I just never went when I was there. TK's cool so you could just turn
up and it'd probably be cool. Tried to train at GUTSMAN but they spoke
next to NO english and just turned their heads like a confused puppy
and said "you know Shooto??"..after serveral minutes of trying to
explain I wanted to train I just left smiling.

Enough of my babbling...e-mail me above if ya want for more info.

  • Juggs