MMA in Ocala?

any info on places to train BJJ,MMA, or anything similar in Ocala ?

Tom Sauer trains in Ocala. He recently defeated Enson Inoue.

usa martial arts in ocala has alot of good mma fighters including tommy saur. definatly worth to try em.

That guy is very tough. I don't think there are too many options in Ocala, so you should get in ther and train.

The interesting thing is that there is more grappling in Ocala than in the entire Tampa Bay area!

hey waza do u guys train on weekends? i wouldnt mind coming down to roll one weekend.. might be moving down that area..

papapump? Angelo?

Not doing much right now (AC seperation in shoulder), I am like a one armed man in a hog-washing contest.

You have a good thing going up there, why move down here? Traffic sucks, etc.

Soon, going to regather my pieces and train in Tampa.

I will let you know more soon.

yeah angelo

angelo, just wondering how things are going...havent seen you since jacksonville..mikey and i will be at bertos show saturday.

hey bro how ya been, i might be fighting in the show in tampa in feb. was gonna go to bertos show but girl is home pregnant and on bedrest

hope she is ok, tommy hasnt said if we will be part of that card might conflict with mikeys fight on the 25th..

thanks for the info guys

im still trying to get info on the guy im fighting before i comit to the fight

We might have Ron Mann fighting in the thing on Feb 18th.

ron is the guy who rolled in your show with the prostetic? man that guy is good, really motivates ya ya know

Yeah that is him. I hope he gets to fight.

He moved to California 2 months ago and is training (and soon competing) out of AKA. I trained him for a year and a half so I will be in his corner if he fights on Feb 18th.