mma in south jersey

looking to start training in mma. I live in south jersey, trained some a couple yrs bjj but been innactive for about 3 yrs. a couple of ppl have reccomended daddiss. anyone here go there?

Daddis' place is awesome.

I moved away from the area, but trained at Brad's Cherry Hill location when I lived there - it's excellent - call the number on their site:

and setup a free lesson. The Cherry Hill location has a cage, ring, and plenty of mat space - they do regular smokers and grappling tourneys as well - videos available on YouTube.

depends where you are in south jersey. if you are in the ac area daddis school is quite a hike. you could check out our school, BULLPEN vale tudo-BJJ. we are about twenty min. from AC. shoot me an email if you are interested.

daddis spot is hella tight though

thanks for the info. im in mount laurel about 30 ins outside philly

rhino is in manchester on route 37

Bah.You and Daddis ain't South Jersey. I'm outside of Elmer, that's South Jersey for you. :)

Daddis in Cherry Hill is pretty close to Mount Laurel though.

Where's BullPen?



Rhino and Jersey shore BJJ Both got some good guys to train with.

Daddis' Cherry Hill location is quite the hike from South Jersey but if you're willing to make the trip to that area, New Jersey Martial Arts in Maple Shade is another option. I believe Riley Cote of the Philadelphia Flyers trains there.

usagrappling101..........I live in Mount Laurel as well. You don't happen to lift at LA Fitness on 38 do you? Check out New Jersey Martial Arts on Main Street in Maple Shade. It's closer then Daddis place. The training is tough but the guys there are really cool. Marco, the owner, is about as great a teacher your gonna find.

usgrappling101 - I lived in Mount Laurel near Ramblewood County Club - the Cherry Hill location was 10 minutes from me.

Jersey Shore BJJ - 911 Main Street Belmar, NJ

Yep. Nothing anywhere near me.

And the second someone posts from a school within 30 minutes of Pittsgrove, I'm running out and joining. :)

There's Al Buck's Team Evolution, which I've visited in Vineland. There's also a new Team Balance Affiliate in Vineland, but they seem to be charging upscale city prices, for a satellite school (ie, not many classes) in a crappy area. Doesn't bode well for their future.

Evo's good, I'd just like a little more of a submission focus. Hasselett in Washington Twp is at the absolute edge of distance I'd drive, but...