MMA in Watterloo & Oshawa

I have a couple guys heading out to University.

1 is going to Waterloo - is Dragan the choice?

The other is going to Oshawa - is Bruckman the choice.

Also does anybody konw about Glenroy Browne?

 Bruckmann's for sure. Glenroy's is a Dojo/Computer repair store and I've heard nothing but bad things about his gym... 

Membership at his place does have its benefits though...


Regular memberships are half price.

All functions and draws are free for members to enter.

50% off on all computer repairs.

Discounts at sponsors & supporters outlets.

All seminars are free.


Thanks Mike

I wondered what the deal was with "50% Off all computer repairs"

The training tips section is gr8.

Spar to learn not to win.
Be as relaxed and open minded as possible when you train and fight.
Train smarter not harder.

In Oshawa, I've trained with Glenroy before. I'd say for your buddy to hit up both GRB and Bruckmann for a day, I know Glenroy is free your first day, then decide. Both clubs are very different, with a very different vibe, etc.

how could you possibly pass up an opportunity to train with the gr8 Uncle Jesse Brockman? It's worth the monthly fee just to catch a glimpse of Uncle Jesse and if you're lucky you might even share mat space with the bearded pato...just sayin'...

At Bruckmann's you get a two week free trial. Basically, you sign a waiver form and this allows you to come on the mats Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm for the beginners class for two weeks. Whether you decide to join or not, you still get two weeks for free, no harm done. This will certainly give you enough time to see if you feel the instruction is up to standard and if it is the right environment for you. As mentioned earlier, tell your friend to check out both clubs and see which one suits him best.

sensei wayne erdman is a top notch judoka in waterloo and worth checking out, he teaches at kaizen... although that is probablly considered heresy on this board.

I heard the guy with the beard is so timmid he hired a Dutch bdygaurd.