MMA is boring as hell

Besides Conor nobody even talks about it or watches anymore.

I miss the old days when bars were packed for a ppv.

Now nobody gives a shit outside of this board.

I'm grateful to have witnessed MMA at its peak.

Now is embarrassing to talk about.

It's easier to maneuver life if you don't live it trying to get approval from strangers.

Today on espn GSO return was announced.

Only thing that was talked about was if he would fight Conor lol.

Wasnt last year the UFCs biggest for buyrates? 

Teenage Mutant Lesnar Turtle - 

Wasnt last year the UFCs biggest for buyrates? 

Well he did say "besides Conor". Nothing else sells.

Ronda fights did well but both times she did over a million PPVs she got her face melted.

I don't watch much MMA, never have. It's way more fun to train.

Lol, dude I hope for your sake you are a troll. 


You come one off in every post as an insufferable douche with no real friends. 

I miss the days when no one here watched MMA. Now people who don't know anything won't fuck up about it. Just enjoy the fights and if you don't then stop watching

Imagine only enjoying something if a lot of other people enjoy it.