MMA is not boxing/kickboxing

Let Cro-cop's demise teach a lesson to all the loud mouths (attn: Floyd Mayweather) who say UFC is toughman or crap because the striking isn't always crisp.

The game changes completely when you have to worry about takedowns. If Mirko didn't have to worry about takedowns, he would've destroyed Gonzaga, however, because he did, it changed him as a fighter. ANY striker, no matter how good they are, would need to change how they fight if there were to fight MMA.

Floyd Mayweather won't read this, but let is be known that if he, or any other boxer, ever showed the balls to step into the Octagon, they would get absolutely wrecked.

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Just imagine what Vera would have done to Mirko :O

"Yea, imagine the bruise on Cro Cops foot after he kicked Vera's head off. I bet CC would be walking with a limp for a week."

lol @ another Mirko nuthugger

Crocops been killing guys for years with his superior technique so he
looses one fight and now his superior standing doesnt mean shit,, u are
an idiot. If Mayweather was as good as Crocop on the ground he would be

killing guys too, maybe he will lose from time to time but when u have
cleaner crisper better standup than your opponent it make a huge
diffrence in a fight,,,, guys like Crocop & Duane Ludwig have proved it for

I think the question is, who has better wrestling... Vera or Napao?


I thought MMA was boxing and kickboxing

"The game changes completely when you have to worry about takedowns."

It's just incredible that it needs to be said. Cro Cop got fucking murdered on the ground, who wouldn't be scard of that. Gonzaga took him down quick, and bashed him.

It's funny the same debate used to go on in Greek times...The Pankration was considered imperfect wrestling mixed with imperfect boxing(much like mma is refered to today) yet pankration was the most popular olympic sport and the fighters were the most feared.

^ Correct. Boxing was considered 'harder and tougher' because of the damage competitors would receive. Pankrasts were considered the best fighters.

Interesting they were seperated as sports even way back then..