MMA KO of the day

This will be an ongoing thread for bi-weekly editions of the KO of the day.


Tough spot for Gabriel Silva.
If he wins, “Big deal, he is Anderson Silva’s son.”
If he loses, it IS a big deal because he is Anderson Silva’s son.
Hope he’s ok.

That opponent showed amazing sportsmanship
Season 4 Wow GIF by The Office

God Bless Poland!

what would he do in a streetfight in a dark corner?

It is hilarious when the first guy loses and it is an instant power play. I have never seen a team come back from an mma power play. It would be fun to see some guy just start manning up and handling a 3 on 1

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Shows how fucked you are with multiple attackers. We’ve all seen a guy clean house and that one skater dude from way back in the day. But if a group ever decides to swarm you’re going to need some luck to get out of there un-fucked.