MMA "Looks Like" Thread

 Ok, I'll start.

Was looking through some images and found one that immediately made me think of something.

Looks Like :

Post your own.

Or make fun of me.

Whatever :)

Great thread start. That is gonna be hard to follow.


Looks Like:

This shall be good. Phone Post

I'll play....

Sub Phone Post

Good. Phone Post

Subbed for laughs Phone Post

In for Shad KO face and zombie.

Let's get the obvious one out of the way.....

looks like....


Looks like:


Looks Like


Chimonos Revenge -  

Looks Like:

What movie is that. Phone Post

The elephant man

Chimonos Revenge -  

Looks Like

I think this is a better fit...

 Tito Ortiz as a child:

Looks like:

Kid from Road Warrior

Phone Post

Martin Kampmann's abs

Whataburger Logo


Looks like:

Also looks like :

And Still looks like: