MMA Movie Tralier

We just finished shooting the Movie trailer for "The Fighter" in Late Oct/Nov we will be filming the Feature.

When I know who all the Actors will be I will let you know, But....I do know Heath Herring will also be in this Movie.

The Fight Scene is a DREAM SEQUENCE- I have a leading role- so I am excited about doing some acting.

Also Keep an eye out for the NEW ESPN THE MAGAZINE- Im supposed to be featured in the sept 12 issue?

Hope you like the trailer- When I get more info i will Post it.

best wishes,

Shannon Ritch

PS- Thank you NOELLE!!!!

Also Thank you-



Congrats Shannon

Thanks Rich- alot is going on, many movie offers and now fights. Promoters keep calling its cool, I will keep on fighting till they stop calling lol.
best wishes,

Shannon is the man. Thank you for your service to the US Army and to the sport of MMA.


 Shannon with FEDOR at M-1 Global

I thought FEDOR would be bigger??

Im 5'9 I put FEDOR at maybe 6'??

lol, the chick was from BRASIl, some MODEL i guess she is pretty famous there...BUT nooooooo I didnt do anything with her.


Looks like a great movie. I bet you had a lot of fun making it.

That was just the trailer a few days of shooting, NOW in Oct/Nov we will film the feature- alot more filming...They told me about 90 days of filming. So Sounds fun.
Heath Herring will be there as well, So i think it will be a great time.