MMA on MTV Parents thingy dingy show

Don't recall the name of this show, but the parents set up daughters with guys. Today, they have a guy doing MMA with the girl. I have no idea what gym it was at?

Good times. Terrible television.

That looks like diarrhea!!!

I have no life.

what are you drunk?

nope. I just switched back to the show. Still can't remember the name. Now they've moved to creative artactivities.

I'm only up because I got a call from the people who own some land I rent for pasture at midnight today. They told me that my calves were out, so I had to go check on that. Damn things were back in the pasture by the time I got there.

Oh, the pretty boy was pretty.

Oh, she picked the new guy!!!!! Awesome. Hehe. I boys always freak out. Good times.

Parental Control


"Concerned MMA fans stage mental health intervention for Clark after early-morning MTV-related breakdown"

 MTV is caca.............. imho

symptoms of MTV addiction:

  • "I feel hypnotized when I watch MTV."

  • "TMTV sucks my energy."

  • "I feel like it's brainwashing me."

  • "I feel like a vegetable when I'm stuck there at the tube."

  • "MTV spaces me out."

  • "MTV is an addiction and I'm an addict."

  • "My kids look like zombies when they're watching."

  • "MTV is destroying my mind."

  • "MYVis turning my mind to mush."

  • "I feel mesmerized by it."

  • "If a MTV is on, I just can't keep my eyes off it."

    prepares to throw rocks at attackers

  • Logan I caught you on WEC last night. AWESOME fight! I have to say your one of the top people off your back.

    momita - symptoms of MTV addiction:
  • "MTV is an addiction and I'm an addict."

  • Symptoms of MTV addiction include being addicted to MTV! ;)

     Pimp my Daughter?

    I need all the help I can get, but I've got no MTV addiction. I do watch way too much Law & Order though. It's just on all the time.

    MTV Music Television that no longer plays music or videos?