MMA on TV tonight!!

Warrior Nation on MSNBC tonight.

fight, your voice sounds familiar............


Time ?

10 Pacific I believe

Hmm i'm in Hawaii so that would be 7 our time ya ?

what a trip i pressed send and look what happened lol






HOLY SHEET what happened lol

lol i have no clue what happened :(

It's 10 pm ET

Warrior Nation: Faber vs. Wilson
In part one of MSNBC?s "Warrior Nation" Urijah Faber and Enoch Wilson, two rising stars in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, prepare to face each other in the ring. See their entire fight here, and watch "Warrior Nation" Tuesdays on MSNBC at 10 & 11P ET and Fridays at 11P ET

10 and 11PM ET/PT - Warrior Nation 1: Malice at the Palace
Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing sports in America. The first episode of Warrior Nation features a bout between one of the top five fighters in the world in his weight class, and a contender with a small daughter and something to prove