MMA Promotions in Guam

Hello, my name is Adam Jones and I work for a Network that is looking to acquire video of MMA promotions around the world for mass broadcast around the world.
Since I'm not from Guam I thought maybe you could give me a hand.

If any of you could post any Guam MMA promotion that I may be interested in contacting for this it would be greatly appreciated. Contact information would be a bonus since I will have to contact them.

This will be something great for Guam MMA and the sport as a whole so some help would be greatly appreciated. Kickboxing and boxing promotions from Guam would be good to I guess since it's all fight related.

Thank you very much,


Anyone have anything? There's lots of places close to Guam that would be great too..

If anyone can copy and past and make a post here filling in ANY of these spots about ANY promotions fight related it would be greatly appreciated.

* Name of promotion:

* Contact person and phone number:

* Website:

* Brief Description:

* Notable Fighters (if any):

* Number of shows/hours in library:

* Number of new shows/hours to be produced this

* Language:

Thanks again to anyone who has any information.

Check out

keep this up until Roman sees it.


here you go.