MMA Radio?

Hi guys,

I saw a post awhile ago with a lot of interest in this so I thought I'd post here...

I've been working on this for awhile and have a radio station in Montreal prepared to put on a 2 hour MMA radio show on their station. The station is the all sports station, Team 990. It is also available through the internet.

The catch is that the airtime has to purchased. In addition, host(s) will need to be paid as well. This will cost a nice chunk of change on a weekly basis.

To recoup this money, sponsorship is needed in terms of advertising. Doing the calculations, its not much per spot. This is where I need help.

I'm willing to work and get this on the air and would do it basically for free. But, for obvious reasons I can't cover the expenses.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring this (or knows someone who might) then please email me at If we can get enough people together, I can have this on the air by February.

Any feedback would also be appreciated.

will the show be in english or french ?



Ummm...Alex, you will have mail in abut 2.8 secs...:)

Joe... where's the e-mail you talked about :)

I lied...

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I lieeedd....

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a fellow i was working with did a show on mojo radio called ... liveaudiowrestling which covered mma i believe ... saturday and sunday nights

I believe that fellow may have moved on to things he was more inclined to speak about.

The MMA I have heard covered on the show was 'nearly' verbatim from I also know of a few guys that were on the show that really like it, so I'll trust their word. Perhaps it was because the info they shared is catered to the fans that don't follow the sport as much as we do, thus, the info they provide is 'up to date'.

Nonetheless...any info they provided was excellent for the sport...which is great. I just firmly believe they are not suited to cover the sport like they do professional wrestling. Now that is something they are AMAZING at.

Joe is 150% correct.


Joe is pretty...carry on.


The LAW is horrible with MMA. They butcher the names (especially of 'foreign' fighters... Mario Sperra, Hedeki Yoshida... dumb fucks. The info they get on anything is usually from Dave Meltzer. They decided to take a week off before Pride Total Elimination aired and they weren't talking about the show _at_all_ on the show before the break so I had to take it upon myself to get them to talk about it by calling in. And even then I got a half-assed response. They're more interested in repeating the same trash they spout out every week and getting themselves over than actually discussing any MMA news. It's really annoying.

Rudo, you need to simmer down. It's a pro wrestling show.
The only reason they do any MMA at all is because Marek
started getting into it. But with him gone, they still report the
news that they get, but they're still pro wrestling guys. They
don't pretend to be MMA experts, they just read the news.
They're not trying to "get themselves over", and yes, they are
more interested in talking about pro wrestling, because that's
what they've been doing for years. They're not just trying to
make themselves look good.

Jay and Dan are great guys, who put a lot of work into that
show, but it's a pro style show first and foremost and it's
100% their call how much MMA they have on there.