MMA Research (Fighters please read)

For my degree I am doing a research paper on the question "Does Performance related pay within sporting industries have an effect upon the athletes performance?" For this paper I am trying to do a survey for fighters to answer. If you've ever fought professionally or as an amateur, even a single fight please answer these questions and respond to Answer Yes/No please

1.If you were paid on your appearance without a win bonus, do you think that your gameplan would differ?

2.If you answered no to the previous question skip this. Would this change in gameplan most likely lead to a less entertaining fight?

3.Would a large Fight of the Night bonus as seen within the UFC, affect your mentality going into a fight?

4. If you answered no please skip this question. Does your change in mentality mean you will
a - Be looking for a 'of the night bonus'
b - Not actively looking for a bonus but gameplan changed to be slightly more aggresive
c - Other

thanks alot!