MMA Rules Question

 Hey everyone,

So I was watching the fights last night with a friend who doesn't follow MMA and he asked me if you were allowed to open hand choke an opponent - like by putting both hands on the throat (Wanderlei/Jardine rape choke style, but with both hands).  I honestly didn't have an answer for him, it seems to me like it could be but I don't know the rules... Maybe open handed chokes are banned? 

Anyway, figured the best place to ask would be here.  Anyone know if that's a legal technique?

 Yup. Legal.  You can rape choke.  You cannot grab the trachia though.

 Oh wow!  Cool, thanks, voted up.  Always good to know the UG can come through in a pinch.

Brock used it on Mir, Wandy used it on Jardine, I believe Boetsch used it on Heath as well, just to name a few recent instances in the UFC

The Big Cat got a sub with one but that was before unified rules I'd say.