MMA rule's

Who thinks that Biting, Eye Guaging, Balls grabbing, hair pulling and strikes to the knees and stomping on a downed opponet and hitting in the back of the head should be leagal in MMA? I think it will make it even more real. More blood and more entertaining like the gladiators from the roman time's? It would take guts to get in the ring, kinda like the the first UFC's. Crazy post but would be cool to watch.

Thanks Manny

Entertaining....... but it will never go in this country again. It's fun to look back on the old days, but it was just a sideshow back then.

I don't watch for the blood and the brutality..... I watch because of the skill and the competition. I'd like to see some rules changed, and some things added..... but I like what the sport has become and is today.

To take it back to the "gladiator" days, you'd be presenting a product deemed unacceptable to the majority of our society. It would be killed.

With what the sport is now and the way it has evolved, it's gaining acceptance and is being allowed to grow. That's what's most important.

....... and I didn't see that it was the karate guy that created the thread.

hangs head in shame for responding