MMA Sitcom

I call it "The 209"; based on the life and times of the Diaz bros. The role of Nick Diaz will be played by Lou Diamond Phillups, the role of Nate Diaz will be played by Benjamin Bratt. The role of Mr. Diaz will be played by that dude from the movie "Friday"; you know the guy that played IceCubes dad. Who cares if he's black... anything that guy does is gold. Here is a quick transcript of the first episode:

Nick: Pass me the pork chops, bitch.

Nate: Who you callin a bitch, bitch.

Nick: You have 3 seconds to pass me the chop before I bitch slap you.

Nate: Bitch, please.

Mr. Diaz: I didn't raise no bitches; you two better settle this thing like men.

Nick and Nate proceed to open-hand smack each other across the face for 10 minutes

After this point I am pretty much out of ideas. Anyone care to add onto the first episode of "The 209"?

i love steak

"i love steak"

This does not really help me out. If you are suggesting that "I love steak" be written into the script, then I can see how you are helping. Just one critique though... It would need to be "I love steak, bitch."

father?  doubt it.

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