MMA sports betting odds are complete BS

It’s been a while since I’ve gambled (usually a Vegas thing) but I swear odds used to be more FAIR.

For example, live odds for Periera vs Price had Periera at -1100 and Price at +600

If someone is a -1100 that means they are an 11 to 1 favorite. So why is the opponent only a 6 to 1 underdog???

I’ve noticed this recently on UFC fights with Shevchenko as well. Like a -1400 to win yet her opponent you only get a return of +750 or some bullshit.

The spread usually means uncertainty.

That’s completley normal in any sport for a 2 way line

What I’m saying is they are creating a much larger gap in the odds.

It used to be in one fighter was a -500 the other would be at least a +400

But now it’s rigged to get the smallest payout on favorites AND the smallest payout for underdogs.