MMA style vs style event?

If Pride or UFC created a show where it only the best of particular styles vs each other, would you watch it?

It would be like old school UFC tourny but with only the BEST, no cross training. Have striking arts face eachother and grappling arts seperate.

TKD vs MT, Wing Chun vs Boxing, Savate vs JKD, Caporeira vs Karate

Judo vs Greco, Sambo vs BJJ, Aikido vs Ju Jitsu, Freestyle vs pro rasslin

I think it would provide some entertaining fights that would look much different than today's mma. I think MT would win striking tourny and BJJ of course for the grappling.

DOESNT pride BASICALLY do this with many of their matchups that include new fighters without experience.

Been discussed to death,would be fun if they'd stick to their styles' techniques but it would probably end up like every other early mma match set up like that; both reverting to street stances/tactics after 10 seconds, immediately evolving into a schoolyard fight. Too bad,I'd love to see something where they did stick to their styles,but even that would probably end up being/looking sloppy and awkward and end with one fighter ground and pounding the other like Dan Severn wallowing and slapping all over Tank. "Bloodsport" had the right idea, unfortunately Hollywood and reality often don't jibe.

Pride does this but they put newbies in against seasoned vets of mma.

I know in the early UFCs they reverted to school yard fight tactics, thats why I was hoping that if you took the grandmasters from each art, they would know nothing else but their art.

I'd probably watch anyway, but we all know what would happen already. Nothing new would happen.