mma training in east tennessee

anyone know of a good mma school in east tenn area? mostly all thats around here is kung fu, tap wan do,etc.

where are you located? i have a small place located near chattanooga......about 20 minutes west. give me a shout

what county are you in, im in sequatchie, thanks

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hey bitty22 you need to come by and check us out.....Budokan Sports, we have only been open a month and only a few members right now, we offer muay thai and jiu jitsu (no gi) 3 nights a week and sparring on saturday.

Don't know exactly where you're at in east TN, but there are some solid guys training in Trenton, GA which is 25-30 minutes from Chattanooga.

Shoot me an email:

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If you are near Knoxville then check out Knoxville Brazillian Jiu Jitsu,

It is run by John and Matt Hosford, brown belts under Pedro Sauer. They just added a couple new purples too.

They offer gi, no-gi, as well as some MMA classes.

There are a couple of schools located in Knoxville.Contact me @ for more details.There is also a ranked grappling tournament in Knoxville 1/28/07.We are hopefully expecting 300-500 contestants.

I am about 2 hours from knoxville I live in johnson city it about an our from ashville nc. there seem to be alot in chattanoga and knoxville. I mgiht have to end up traveling but it would be orth it in the long run.