MMA/UFC Accumulator/Parlay bets......

I'm not a gambling man, never have been. But, about a year ago, just for fun, and the fact that I seem to be able to pick fights, I decided to bet on every UFC event I watch live. Either on TV or at the event. For me it makes it all very interesting, especially keeping a keen eye on every fight on the card. 

My first attempt, I lost the parlay on one fight. I then predicted 5 cards in a row, although a couple were won from small side cover bets. I usually allocate myself £20, about $30 or so. 

Currently I'm probably about £1800-$3000 up since I started. Again though, it's just for fun.

I lost out in Dublin on the Tor fight, I would have won £875 off the bet. 

I placed two bets (in error) on the Brown v Lawler card. Two 11 Fight Parlays/Accumulators,plus a £5 cover bet. 

Josh could have just cost me £900/$1600 on my bet. Even worse that it was on a Split. 

So now, I'm hoping Brown pulls it off to make me feel better......

Anyone else here bother with daft fun bets like this.....? 



FFS !! I've always loved you Punk, but you just cost me $1600 bucks.......Damn it !! 

BonesDominatedMe - 

Nice touch bud !! ;0)