MMA Union

Do you think that an MMA Union can be as effective as all other pro sports


I'm not expecting one to happen any time soon either.


Yes, I do. MMA will never be fair to the athletes until it happens.

Wages aside, personal conduct policies in the UFC are at the discretion of Dana and Lorenzo. Daley gets banned for life for throwing a late punch but Gadhela doesn't even get slapped on the wrist for the same thing. A fighters association would put an end to that.

Fighters also need to be protected under contract for the period of time they are signed. Say for instance a fighter wins 3 fights by TKO but drops the next fight, there should be no clause that allows the UFC to cut that fighter. Fighters have no protection right now. None. Phone Post 3.0

Aren't fighters- including the ones in the UFC- considered independent contractors?

How would it work?
Multiple organizations would half to be able to fighters equal wages per tier?
What are the said Orgs that can or would pay?

Or the UFC becomes the only dog, NFL, NHL, MLB etc. and upsets the entire UG world. Phone Post 3.0

The Fertitta's can keep established unions out of their casinos... They would decimate a fledging loosely structured MMA Union. Phone Post 3.0

I think it would work but it would take alot of planning to create a union that would offer solutions rather than problems Phone Post