MMA vs. Boxing

I haven't been on this site for quite a while, so I don't know if you guys have seen this article:|hp-desktop|dl4|link3|

Despite the writer's bias, it's an interesting read.

yo blackistone is a tard and doesnt shit bout MMA. Just a FYI when readin the article.

Also click on the link to Bob Arum's rant(he makes you understand just how classy Dana White is compared to the top boxing promoters).

This is an example of Arum's wisdom: he referred to the UFC as "a bunch of skinhead white guys who are watching a bunch of people in the ring who look like skinhead white guys."

I didn't realize just how desperate the boxing people are getting.

Last time I checked the UFC has a Hawaiian, a Canadian, two Brazilians and an American as their Champions.. Pretty diverse range of races and nationalities if you ask me. I love a good boxing match but the last time I got excited about a boxing match was Lewis vs Tyson.

Yeah, in recent years, the UFC has become much more ethnic (and is getting more so with each year). I was just a bit annoyed by the bias of the writer and shocked by the desperation from Bob Arum. And I do think that UFC 103 has a real chance of getting more buys than the Mayweather card.

Before anyone says anything I know BJ is American I just said Hawaiian to better demonstrate the ethnic diversity of the UFC.. Rampage and Evans are the starts of the UFC's reality show. To say that the UFC is a bunch of skinhead white boys has to be one of the most ignorant things I have have ever heard. In fact I think MMA is one of the most colorblind sports there is...

It's hard to know whether Arum actually believes that nonsense or not. He had plenty of other stupid things to say, too.