MMA website design

i dont post much, but i had to here.

dude i am a designer, people like you who charge low prices
for sites think you are ruining this feild. if designers keep
undercutting each others prices eventually we will be
working for nothing. So in the long run you think you are
making a lot now but you are selling yourself as well as all
graphic designers short. join the graphic artists guild, you'll
get a price for various jobs.

Web design has moved on to become more about commerce than design however. I don't see anything wrong with $150 for a website, don't expect a work of art though. You do in some ways get what you pay for but most people in this case are getting what they wanted.

Moral of this story, if you want a functional website that you have to update yourself and may not be 100% exactly what you require then that is what you will get for $150. If you want an amazing looking website that people can't wait to use, updated regularly by the designers, complete tech support etc then expect to pay for it.

There is nothing wrong with either of those routes IMO.

estanmilko I totally understand your point and it makes sense but in this case it is not correct. dedend is making very high end sites that would cost thousands of dollars for a very low fee just to help out MMA guys. He is doing it to help MMA people out nothing more.


Justin, if that is the case... then props to dedend. I wasn't bashing him at all for that. I do websites and logos for friends that fight or have schools in trade all the time. There are a lot of design companies out there though, that download templates and create these websites for people for next to nothing and that sucks for us people trying to make a living.

Maybe thats because website design is in general a highly over priced market. There are only two reason companies get away with charging so much. Because their employer is really looking to impress, or their employer has no understanding of what actually goes into creating and maintaining a normal website.

More often then not it happens to be that people just don't understand what they are paying for so they end up getting screwed.

So you either need to be a sharp company that can attract big companies, or you should find other employement.


fact = monkeys can buy dreamweaver, flash and photoshop (i mean download it off kazaa) and create sites that look like his and most other sites in general. deal with the fact that 13-year-old kids can make good looking sites in flash or whatever. If you can compose a document in M$ word you can create a fully functional site with some time and patience. you want to wine about money get some backend skills and start integrating some shit. the crap that dedend is making is worth NO MORE than $150 only cuz it saves you the time to do it. i saw no award wining graphics or interactive features... sounds like the guy is a good deal. the days of creating non-interactive simple websites for good money is over.

Ok I wasn't going to post this but why not, the main reason it will cost $150.00 is because it's the only way I can really show my support for the MMA community! Why you ask? Because due to a physical disability I am unable to compete in any mma event, I am not even allowed to drive! So what else is there to do? Website design just so happens to be something I am good at and I like to do since by law I am not allowed to do much else. So I figure do what I love for a sport I love and make a little extra on the side to help maintain the website. And by the way: the only reason we do not have database driven content is because we want to keep website maintenance cost down, if we didn't then we wouldn't be able to only charge $150.00 in the first place. Get it yet? I'm doing two things I love for people who want to make an impact in the sport even If it's in the smallest way... "I saw no award wining graphics or interactive features" We are not trying to win awards.

tedfornes, I have an idea..... don't look at it!

LOL @ the communists worried about free market capitalism. These jackasses probably drive imports and ship the real coding off to India anyway...

Good work DEDend, I hope your business flourishes.

dedend, i get where you are coming from. i am just saying people who feel threatened by what you are doing need to take a look i the mirror. i hope you do well man... i really do and yes you can't do backend shit for $150... i think it is great that schools can pay $150 to get a site up! anyone with a problem with that... well whatever to them. good luck and i hope you do well.

I do a lot of websites and here's my honest opinion on things:

If you BUY YOUR WEBSITE DESIGN SOFTWARE and then contribute to the MMA society by doing this so cheap, than I wish you all the best and I think it's great. I have donated web design time and skills for MMA as well because I wanted to help and can appreciate anyone else who does the same.

If you ARE DOWNLOADING ILLEGAL SOFTWARE and then undercut the honest companies WHO HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR SOFTWARE then it is wrong. And I take that stance with any designer.

Of course, I do get to write it all off on my business taxes :-)


Thanks for the comments guys, it is appreciated.

johnny walls is very correct.