MMA Weekly rumored UFC 52 so far

Again, this is from the MMA Weekly rumors page:


Chuck Liddell vs Randy Couture

Matt Lindland vs Rich Franklin

Patrick Cote vs Travis Lutter


Now, my predictions:

  1. Couture by TKO in much the same way as last time.

  2. Franklin by decision.

  3. Lutter by "Eastman"-style KO, Round 1.

Shucks I was looking forward to seeing Salaverry on the card, this would make the card VERY good with both members of team potato on it!!!

Don't count him out yet. I have some high-level discussions upcoming with Dana White and Joe Silva.

As always, I thank you for your support. You were the best mod this site has ever seen, in my humble opinion.

Also, don't forget that we have other fighters on our team, including Mikey "Eastside Assassin" Burnette.

Cote and Lutter will be a hell of a fight but I feel Patrick may take it.Franklin will beat Woogie and Couture will beat Chuck down again!

Lutter will demolish Cote. Where does Cote compare? On the ground? LMAO! If he tries to stand with Lutter, I can guarantee you that Cote will knocked out with his eyes open, much like Marvin Eastman.

Lutter is quite possibly the best 185 pound fighter that the UFC has ever seen. He will make stopping Cote look easy. Any discussion on who the newest member of your fight team will be Tater? I thank you for your support even though the commies took away my modship.

Frankie, I realize that Cote doesn't bring much to the table, but you will be among the many going crazy when he's out cold.

Team Potato simply can't be stopped.

GenEreal Desease, I will hold a press conference very soon to announce quite a few blockbusters.

Also, look for an announcement on this forum in the next few days regarding the release of Team Potato Fightwear.

"Now you can dress like the pros with Team Potato Fightwear!"


i thought lutter was a 205

Stop trolling this instant, Frankie. Lutter is known to be a world-class grappler. Our Team Potato striking coaches have assured us that he'll unleash in a manner not seen at 185 before.

Cote has some nasty KO power in his punches!He can end a fight early with one bomb ask Bill Mahood.Lutter is awesome and a hell of a nice person to talk with and also has one punch KO power and a sick ground game.

You damn right.

Salaverry is no slouch on the ground either. ;)

Bill Mahood didn't knock Cote out.

If you think Lutter is going to knock Cote out, then you just name the wager.

How easily you forget that Cote took a UFC main event fight against Tito Ortiz with a few days notice and escaped with a few scratches.

I suppose you don't think Lutter can submit Cote either. LMAO.