MMA Workshop Edm. Jan 29

Hey Ya'll

I'll be hosting a MMA workshop on Sat Jan 29 at the South Arashi-Do 4634 99st

Still working out a time but will likely be around 1pm-4pm with time for rolling at the end.

Workshop will based on a crash course for a MMA fight.

If interested give me a call at 220-5425 email me at or just show up.

More info and definate times coming soon.

Mike Yackulic


You've got mail. TTT

Everyone... I mean everyone is invited out to train Sat Jan 29 for the MMA workshop.

We will cover striking, striking into takedowns, striking into positions and strking into submissions... as well as rolling at the end.

If you've never trained but would like to try it,

you train with your buddies and would like to mix up your training with others,

or you train at another school and would like to train and meet some of the other people in Edmonton who are like minded.

Come and train from 1pm-4pm
Bring your gear, gloves, mouthgaurd, cup and any other things you like to work out with.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by the above info.

See ya there

how much is it

It is FREE to everyone,

I would like to use this as an opportunity to meet others in the MMA community that are like minded. If there is enough interest we will make this a regular event and start promoting MMA in Edmonton more.

The workshop is going to run from 1-5:30 and we will also have Troy Sorenson 2nd degree Karate blackbelt will be running parts of the workshop.

Maybe we can all sit around and watch Ultimate Fighter together and bitch about why a better Canadian wasn't picked.