MMA wrestling and street fighting

Why is that people that cant MMA,wrestle worth a damn are always trying to show examples of how these 2 have failed in street fights? Answer is fear! They understand that wrestling is hard to beat and MMA is just about impossible. All I hear at this forum is lame examples. Street fights have always been my easiest fights, but also the scarest. Cause they are not fair. What is a street fight? Getting jumped buy 3 guys is not a street fight. Knife, Gun those arent street fights either, those are criminal attacks. Eye gouge is very hard to get on someone when u are losing and on ur back. But some dumbsh@ts talk like they could do it at will BS. Just like people coming on here saying Gann Mc Gee got beat by some navy seal, of course like everything else Bull Shit!

I can't believe someone is actually bragging about his 290 pound friend beating a 160 pound guy. That is really sad.

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Hi kkm!

That's like me bragging about outboxing a 15 year old girl.

If it was a streetfight how would you know that the guy trained in bjj? Did you and your friend stalk the students of bjj clubs in an effort to find and fight the smallest guy that trains?

"I have seen one street fight with a striker vs a grappler/ jui jitsu guy, a friend of mine fought a guy from a juijitsu place in the guys front yard, the grappler tried to take my friend down and he threw the guy like a ragdoll, then pummelled him to the ground. A true ass beating. My guy is 6'3 290 pds and the grapller was like 6' 160 pounds. No weight divisions and he got the shit beat out of him, its all about the individual, and my friend is a point fighter, LOL this guy also claimed to have boxed for 3 years

i think he has mastered one of the secret keys to victory "never fight anyone your own size".

"In the street there are no weight classes like there are in sport. If a guy twice as big of you was touching your girl, shoving you schoolyard style, or insulting yo momma what would you do?"

well, in the street there is also no rule on weapons either.... so you could just level the playing field =)


Whoops what I really meant was a MMA'er who has fought in compation for at least 2 years and an All American Wrestler from college. Im thinking BJ penn could take ur buddy who is 290 not much problem.