Gear Review: Scramble Bushido Athletics


Ordered for the first time from MMA HQ and it was super easy. I love the functionality of their site and the price was right! Also, I love the flat fee shipping. They arrived on time and were shipped in the same type of weather and damage resistant bag that I’ve seen used by other companies in the mma/bjj gear industry.

My first impression:

Holy crap. These things are PURPLE! That said, having worn them for the past few weeks in training, I get asked about them daily. Nobody else has seen anything like them.


Ordered mine from and followed the fitting guidelines. I typically fluctuate between 34” and 36” (and 38”, thank you Taco Bell) so I went with a large which was supposed to fit a 36” waist. I have never undone the Velcro to put them on or take them off. I find that this helps it last longer (I own multiple pairs of sprawl shorts as well). For comparison sake, I have compared them to a pair of sprawl shorts and tapout shorts that I also own.

The shorts come with a quality inside pocket, a drawstring that I have yet to come untied (in fact, the shorts fit so well, I rarely tie it). Also, inside is one of the most insightful quotes I have ever heard. I’ve never felt so intelligent and thoughtful while doing laundry. Thanks Scramble!

The shorts fit me just above the knee (I am 6’1” and usually around 210lb.) While they have the same outside seam length, they feel as if they are a bit shorter. See the chart below for more observations about the shorts as compared to Sprawl and Tapout.

Flex Panel:

Sprawl – 4.75?

Tapout – n/a

Scramble – 5.25?


Sprawl – 18?

Tapout – 18.5?

Scramble – 18.5?

Split seam:

Sprawl – 7?

Tapout – 1?

Scramble – 4?


Sprawl – ?

Tapout – 34

Scramble – Large

Thigh Circumference:

Sprawl – 30

Tapout – 28

Scramble – 30


These shorts are very solid. They don’t have that awful plasticy (is that a word?) feel that other shorts do. They do absorb the sweat from you and your opponent, but as they are SUPER lightweight, they don’t get heavier as you roll (this was a big problem with my Jaco shorts). That said, they dry in a matter of minutes. In between rounds while grabbing water, they are almost completely dry by the next roll.

I think one of the best parts of their contrustruction is that the split seam isn’t big enough for them to roll up on you. They still stay down even when I play guard (which is about all that I do).

As you can tell, all of the printing on the shorts is fully sublimated and I have been assured by the power that be at Scramble that they WILL NOT bleed (thanks Matt!). Mine have not bled on anything.

What I love about the shorts:

Nobody else has them.
Super different colors
Sublimated writing
Great fit for me. I love shorter fit shorts that don’t ride up.
Big flex panel so they won’t restrict movement (for all you headkicker / rubberguarders out there)

What I love about and

Super easy ordering
Top notch customer service
Fast reply to e-mails
New products every day
Huge variety
ALWAYS cheaper than you can find anywhere else!!!


While I really wanted another pair of shorts with skulls, pirate flags, swords, and crosses on them, I had to settle for these. Just kidding… I would definitely rank these as my top shorts to wear for nogi grappling and under my gi. And I have and will continue to purchase from MMA HQ.

Definitely would rank the shorts and the site a 12 out of 12 (10 out of 10 is lame). If I were you, I’d keep my eye on both MMA HQ and BJJ HQ for future deals. I’m SUPER FREAKING upset that I missed the Scramble Spats sale, so check every day! Also, for those of you interested in wholesale, check out!



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