it's back up, it says pics should be up soon... spoke with arnold at the hotel, and he was a gentleman, very knowledgeable about the sport, and runs one of the best and most legit mma websites around. i assume the pics will be of the usual high quality.

Sure, that is one of the best MMA sites.

Arnold, the email account I have for you doesn't seem to work so please let me know what your new one is. I have the web host information I told you about on the drive up to Victoriaville.

My email is

Thanks guys I appreciate the support.My email is sushiboy-x@shaw.caThe other mmaringreport email is still down for now.At least the site is back up. I have the TKO 14 report up with a few pictures. The rest of the pics will be up in a day or two.TKO 14 report


i am itching for part 2 dude.