mmaringreport pro shop?

Does anyone order stuff from mmaringreport? Is it still in business?

I've tried to email Arnold Lim but my messages are bounced back.

If someone involved with the company could email me back I'd appriciate it.



I get stuff from there all the time. What e-mail address are you using?

On another note, I can personally vouch for their UFC coffee mug & thermos set.

Hey Rowan

I am in the midst of changing to a faster server for my website and the email isssue seems to be popping up. It is going to be there until I get everything up and running smoothly again.

Email me at


i've gotten stuff from arnold- highly recommended.

Thanks Arnold, you've got mail.

Wombat, I really enjoy a good coffee mug. Thanks for the info.

Demandango (what the hell does your name mean?), I wanted to do some training with TJ soon, are you still training/teaching at FitPlus?


hey rowan, i am still training at fitplus, but scott is running the classes
now which is great cause i only have to train. unfortunately my attendance

has been weak for the past 6 months or so because of work/
transportation but hopefully i'll have reliable transportation soon. they
mentioned you might make it down to train, which would be awesome
because it's hard to get higher calibre guys in for tj. let me know when
you're coming and i'll try to be there. i think tj is going down to ohio soon
to train (where luckily he'll have lots of high calibre guys) so if you are
going to catch him it will have to be in the next little while.

btw 'demandango' doesn't mean anything, while we were driving across
the country in my band in '99 we decided to make up words for breasts,
and i said 'demandangoes' and it struck us as funny. so i just chose that
like 6 years ago when i got my first/only screenname here.

Hey Rowan remember when we were driving to the Pan-Ams and doing the same thing as demandango? making up names for breast, the things guys do on long trips.

Iron Legs,

Post fight celibrations on Pleasure Island wiped out most of my memory of that journey:)

Desperately in searching for coffee shops does come to mind. J. Joslin singing Snopp Dogg for hours on end. Reading 400pages of "Hich-hikers guide to the galaxy". These are a few of the things I remember.

"Fun-bags" is breast metaphor I've always been fond of.

i like the spice of vulgarity in 'sweater meat' myself.

Rowan I told you that would happen if you drank 20 long Island ice tea's.

Boobs, Jugs, melons,..........


rowan, tj goes to ohio this friday.


Wish TJ good luck for me, I've been fighting a back injury for awhile now and I have to take it easy. Sorry I didn't make it down.

np, i will, he's down training with franklin and jorge in ohio now, and they are both training for fights so he should have a good training camp.