Being bored at work (more like unable to concentrate on work stuff because I'm still mulling over what happened and what I could have done differently...), I decided to knock up a quick article on the recent Spartan and submit it to my 'favourite' MMA news page, to try and get Aus MMA some recognition overseas. They were happy to publish it, so head on up to and check it out. Hope you like it.

If you've never been there before, they do actually update their news everyday, and are a really good source of the latest info. (and no, they didn't pay me!)

awsome. any oz recognition is good in my book. will read.

good luck with your training cadmus.

good article... nice work

Fantastic. Thanks for that. Great read

Hope you guys liked it. I just re-read it, and I hope my 'gaff' didn't strike anybody else as misleading - I mentioned Anthony as Elvis' 'partner' - obviously I meant business/training partner, but when I read it back it came out the other way. Sorry guys...

ttt 4 his royal gayness

Thanks Daryl for your great effort in submitting a well written article.

Awsome article Daz. I have an assignment you can write for me if you like:) - only kidding.

Needless to say your thoughts on the eliminator were on the money. I'd never been to an MMA live, but decided to travel from Vic with 2 mates, that don't train, for this event purely for the eliminator!

see you round


I'm going to read it... If I feel insulted...



Very well written article... Anyone else who may want to read it, you'll need to click on Wednesday to find the article.

But you know, you didn't talk about me anywhere near enough... ;)


Great article Daryl, very comprehensive and professionally written.

Nice work mate.


Aw shucks, thanks guys... ;-)