Loose fit grappling/thai shorts coming soon!!!!

Please dont put that saying on a t shirt

We were gonna go with Strawberry Shortcake working an
armbar on Elmo, but we decided to be a bit more

different weight classes. SS out weighes Elmo by a good 3 pounds.

BJ and Cabbage Fan....

this would be creative....

How about Mr.T with a triangle on Panthro from
Thundercats ????? Call it.. "PittyFul Fightgear???"

Maybe Rocky with a heel hook on Drago? Call it
"GoForIt Fightgear."

Perhaps a Transformer that can change from Ali to
Rickson. That would be original right???

"Perhaps a Transformer that can change from Ali to Rickson. That would be original right???"

So you are making a shirt that has a black man turning into a white man?! This is a bit racist don't you think!?

Maybe Storm Shadow doing the Roger Rabbit over an
unconscious SnakeEyes??? Would that be a better logo?

Maybe Mini-me with the perfect sprawl against Yao
Ming. Would that be more original?

Maybe a way totally cool logo of Predator passing
Alien's guard???

How bout a ninja/werewolf kicking rainbow bright in her vagina?

How about Rumble ground and pounding the smurfs?

Anything is better than a pitbull. Everyone uses that

We were gonna have Artest throwing a poodle into the
stands, but we decided to head a different direction.

We also thought about having a picture of the Care
Bears coming out to the Octagon with their hands on
eachothers shoulders like the Gracies did... but it
just didn't look right.

Actually the Strawberry Shortcake shirt and the Care Bears ones sound funny as hell, you might actually sell some of those.

What about a logo of two Octopuss' fighting in the
cage, working go go platas, armbars, rear naked
chokes, neck cranks, kimuras and ankle locks all at
the same time.... We could call it... "What do you
think he's going for - Fightgear" Infotr8r would like
that one alot. It's totally original.

Dear Lord, the UG is just GOLD today.

I dont know if you could beat a drawing titled "Arm bar This!!! Have one fighter from the bottom slapping an arm bar on the fighter over him. Have the fighter on top jamming a pistol down the other fighters throat and blowing his brains out

"Maybe Mini-me with the perfect sprawl against Yao Ming."

I must have one!!!


How about just tell us what size and color you want
and quit pretending like you don't love pit bulls.
They are man's best friend, or are you by chance not a

We also show love to haters who go out of there way to
hate...daily... too.

We love you.