Lots of people are wondering what Ronda's mom will say. She's a crossover star right? Everyone's mom will have an opinion. What will your mom say. My mom says:

'She'll probably battle personal demons for a while, her worst opponent, 'fear' has come to confront her.'

Pretty astute I'd say Phone Post 3.0

Your mom is a rousey fan? Phone Post 3.0

It's all she knows about mma, same as so many others that bought ppv. How many of them would be holm fans? Phone Post 3.0

Last time I visited my mom, she was watching some entertainment variety show which had a clip of the full Bethe fight.


The only thing she said is that it would be more fun if they were allowed to use weapons.

I got a life lesson 'pride comes before a fall' maybe Connor should take note. Your mom is totally right btw Phone Post 3.0

You know the rules....pics of mom Phone Post 3.0

In for pics of weapon loving mom Phone Post 3.0