Monson: Brian Stann brainwashed by the military

Great new interview w/ Jeff Monson about his philosophical views, life story and recent callout by Brian Stann to get "beaten to mexico" before the cormier fight.

Monson explains why he thinks stann and other members of the military are "brainwashed", how to really support the troops and why brian just doesn't understann his worldview fren!

Check it out. Part 1.

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 we already did this thread ad nauseam. sp

I did miss a lot of those, I admit, but this is a new interview from the last couple of days where Jeff gives his very in depth feelings about it, not Just UGers yelling at each other.

 The interview is on the old thread as well.

Yep, just posted it there quick before the stuff at the weekend (I think...can't remember exactly lol) but I thought since it was part I of a 90 minute interview with Jeff covering many new topics it deserved its own thread. Posting CC for Bob over the last couple of years I have always posted on an existing thread and then done a new one IF the rest of the show warrants it and never had any complaints IIRC. I can edit it off the old thread

Monson is so full of the wrong forum asshole it's unreal

Why is this on the OG? Monson talks all about his loss to Cormier and his MMA career. Did I fuck up creating this or did it get moved?

 I already explained.  This thread, with the interview, has been hashed and rehashed already on the UG. And it was quite un-productive I might add.

ZIPP I respect you but just can't agree in this case. Why would it make it worse to let people discuss Monson's personal take on a separate thread? I think if more people listened to what Jeff was saying about the military they would agree a bit more, or at least not HATE his position. imo

 I moved you back. We'll see how bad a decision that was ;-)

Thanks ZIPP. If I am wrong and the UG blows up I will admit it like a MAN. LOL

SHARKTOPUS I get where you are coming from but I don't know if AC in a tent makes it not suck to be in 130 degree heat in body armor and uniform etc., plus there's still the whole getting your arms and legs blown off thing. But no argument from me that the working man gets screwed 99 percent of the time.

 By 'cahoots' I'm sure you mean that the UFC has a large target demographic similar to the Army and that the Army has chosen to spend some of their advertising budget and co-promote with the UFC ?

 No, I saw no salt licks or corn and apple piles !

SHARKTOPUS - Amazing how we spend $20 billion a year just to air condition tents for the military,oh yes those losers have it really tough.
99percent of the sheeple will never realize their being raped by their own goverment and that goes for every country not just the US.

voted down faggit those losers are the reason ur able to talk shit from ur keyboard

Fast forward to the 8:40 mark, this show has one of the most ridiculously long self aggrandizing intro's in all of podcastdom.

 I'm just going to point out the inaccuracies as I hear them listening to the podcast.

First, the UN did NOT destroy Iraq's WMD, they could never even properly verify that Iraq destroyed it.

Second the US did not provide weapons to Iran for the purposes of fighting Iraq, we helped Iran until the Shah was overthrown in '79.

I just realized there is no way I can keep up with the ignorance/lies/misinformation that is coming from Monson here, I was genuinely going to listen to the entire interview but I'm ten minutes deep and less than a third of what he has said is even true.  The needle went off the scale of the laughable meter when he said "Iran hasn't threatened or attacked anyone besides Iraq".  Look I agree with Stann that I'd rather see people who don't even like (forget about love) my country beat feet and move north or south, but in America you have the right to be an asshole.  Monson really is just off his fucking rocker though.  If he was a legit xenophobe then cool, whatever, I can get behind that.  Sadly it just seems like he's an off his meds beatnik parroting every crazy code pink talking point.

The UFC , military and Jesus collide in the shirt above.

C4mac - Fast forward to the 8:40 mark, this show has one of the most ridiculously long self aggrandizing intro's in all of podcastdom.

LOL you aren't the first to say that but I think the intro actually got shorter recently. I would prefer maybe a minute or two at most but if you skip it the rest is good.

 monson says: i support our soldiers by trying to get the war ended and the soldiers home to their families

i agree, the war is a pointless waste of $ and lives