Monson's footies?

did anyone ever figure out where Monson got those feet things (no idea what they're called) when he fought Sylvia?

Boes ankle supports. You can find them almost anywhere....and don't go to the above link!

(not that there is anything wrong with that)

didn't hallman use the same thing. I thought they were called Grips or something



i e-mailed him, lets see if he responds

one of his associates responded and said that they're from dennis hallman. anybody have his contact info?




Dennis Hallman home made those.

You cannot buy them. you take an ankle support turn it so the long side that goeso n your shin goes on your foot and did it in like melted rubber to make a grip bottom or something.

Hallman and I made these 5 yrs ago. We were suppose to have thses out awhile back but things got pushed back.

no wonder.they looked stupid and I guess they didn't help Monson at all.

They have a version with grips instead of smooth leather

Sorry Icee, I thought those were Boes supports. I didn't notice the grip on the bottom of them.

LOL @ the word "footies" because that's what I thought when I saw them...

ICEE - are you guys still going to produce these? and anytime soon?


or at least how to do it at home.