Monte Cox/UFC

What will his new involvement do to the fighters he manages that are currently in the UFC or are UFC hopefuls? Will the UFC have bitter feelings towards him for being associated with the "enemy"?

no.  Dana will say they need orgs like M-1 so non-UFC caliber fighters can get experience and make money until they are the one of the best in the world and fight for the UFC.  Same as always.  Unless, and/or until, M-1 has any financial impact on the UFC, I don't think Dana cares much. 

It's way too early to jump to that conclusion. Randy left, which hurt, but most of the new UFC don't even know who the hell Fedor is. Dana didn't have either of them this time last year and the UFC has continued to grow. He'll be alright. We'll see what Monte is able to pull off with this new company.

The fact that anyone can trash Dana is amazing to me. He has done more for MMA than any man in the world. Pride had a ton of talent, many feel more talent than the UFC, yet they lost millions and went under.

While Pride was losing their shirts, the UFC was making a killing and signing the best fighters in the world. If you look at the top 10 in every division, how many of them aren't currently with the UFC?

The fact that they didn't sign Fedor means nothing. If anything it hurt Fedor more than the UFC. If anyone thinks M-1 is going to quickly catch up to and overtake the UFC anytime soon, you are crazy.

"Will the UFC have bitter feelings towards him..."

My understanding is that Monte and Dana haven't been friends for years...

"What's the latest Monte Cox story that I'm obviously not aware of?"

Apparently Monte is now the president of M-1, the org that Fedor is in.