Monthly Fees at Karma


Remember I tore my shoulder a couple of years ago, I was wondering if Karma did month to month fees. I don't want to join for a year in case my shoulder can't take it. Does Karma do this? I really want to come back.



Hey Todd my name is Josh and I manage Karma now. Dom and a lot of other guys you might remember still train here (with more people coming back every day).
email me at


Jui got mail.

No I don't, please send again or give me your email.

Ha! I know Josh managed some money out of my wallet! Ha ha ha! Go Josh! Cheers!

Todd I glad to see your ready to make a return and I really
sorry about the shoulder. All the guys are still there but there
is a done of new faces as well. Email and let me know when
your dropping in.



Hey Dom,

Good to here from you. I think I am going to just try gi fighting. I think I can control the shoulder better. Hey, great fight in Hamilton by the way. It could have gone either way. Hope to see you in the next one, and in the near future at Karma.


thanks Todd.