montreal gyms??

ok guys list me all the quality places to train standup and ground work in la belle province..

and how to get there from a downtown montreal metro station.

I know GAMMA,

got directions for TRISTAR and the university for wrestling.

whats else is there..?


Claude are you ditching us for montreal?


Hey Claude bro how are you?

GAMMA is where everyone does there BJJ and no-gi now

Victors is where the top guys wretsle which is snowdown metro and 2 blocks me if you go there

Champions is where everyone boxes...I'm not sure of the metro (probly St.Michelle) with a 15-20 min bus...

Thai is done at eihter GAMMA...Tristar...Sparmax...sparmax has a

have fun


thanks kid.. i will see you in a few days...

yael- please dont make me go get my gi out the closet again we have seen what happens when i do that and it aint pretty :)

claude - first of all there's no need to reveal my secret identity to the forum...

second of all, i think you're blinded by your rage, if you read my post it clearly insinuates that i am sad that you are leaving us for the french. if you leave, who will i challenge and trash talk?? ...ok i still have like 20 other guys to do that to but you're special.

p.s. i was going easy :P

There are many choices now in Montreal.

for Sambo(sport&combat), and wrestling

metro Verdun. 5-10 min walk.