montreal tourney jan.10????

what happened to the thread about the tournament in montreal? is the tournament on still?
did the thread get cloed for some reason, i searched everywhere for it.

is this tournament still on?

yesssss its on look down : canadian grappling open tournament I am the director
Serge junior picard


The tournament is not going to be in Montreal, but in Sherbrooke, Quebec. This is about 110 km to the east of Montreal in the area known as the eastern townships.

SLEDDOG- when are you going to host another bjj gi tournament?

They got good duck out there...


We were thinking January, but because of this we are now thinking early February. details to follow.

Sled Dog - Gi or No Gi? We're still trying to do one in the West Island, but don't want to overlap.

Thanks sled dog ill be looking forward to that the tournament.

We were going for a gi only tournamnet this time.

Rene, why doesn't Ron plan this a little more ahead of time? At least the date. We would support. I don't plan these to mess anybody up, just that the longer we go without a tournament the longer there will be till the next one.

He does, but we fail to get organized to the level of announcing before another does ;)

Yours set the local standard. We'll just try to focus more and be complementary.

hey junior 44

where can we sleep i wanan bring a car load up to fight but not really set for alot of cash cause christmas, what do u suggest im coming from toronto

Looks like it's gonna be a good year, lots of tourneys.