Monzon - Napoles video appreciation

Hello gents.

Done another video that might be of interest...
Bit of a long one but needed the time as both guys are worthy of a bit of time, each absolute killers in their own ways, if only they were around today.


I didn't watch the entire video, but I do appreciate watching the fighters from past era's. Their attention to the skills that seperate the master boxers from the guys we see today. There is so much more to boxing than just knowing how to throw punches, or only being able to fight at distance or on the inside. We have guys now like Keith Thurman can punch and box a bit, or Shawn Porter who comes strong and outworks you inside. Neither know how to control distances like Floyd or how to properly set guys up for shots or walk them into shots like the greats. They are two of the best current guys and still have HUGE holes in their skills. The important little thing and solid fundamentals aren't taught anymore. Lomachenko and Rigandeaux are about the only two out who have oldschool abilities. The decline of the sport is heartbreaking.

Have you seen any videos on where you can at least try and gain an understanding of how this is done. Phone Post 3.0

Excellent stuff mate

Good to see anything Napoles related , even if it was a loss

I think he's the 2nd best Latin fighter behind Roberto Duran