Moose Knuckle update???

Lets have an update for the loyal members of Team Moose Knuckle.

Hows training going?

TTT for Knuckle!

The Moose is Loose


Hey guys,

Training is going good, a little over a week left of hard work then just holding my weight down until fight day!  Look for some exciting stuff coming up such as my interview on MMAPredictions Radio as well as some big things with my sponsors and marketing even after my first fight....

September 8th guys, Cincinnati... ICE29 at the Metropolis!

Thanks again everyone and hope to see you there! -Moose

LoiseauElbow - You will be receiving a UGGP shirt and a Moose Knuckle Camp shirt via the mail SOMETIME after my fight as I am buried until then.... I really appreciate all my boyz in the UK's support throughout this!


MMA Predictions radio interview with Moose Knuckle:

Hopefully, BOTH!