More commercials next time please!

For me the amount of commercials killed any flow the event had. It came off more as 5 fights rather than an actual UFC event. Shoulda been named UFC 69.5 It ranked beside the first UFN in terms of production values.

zuffa=flow-kill'r fat-catz........

I wasn't as upset about the number of commercials, as I was about repeating the same damn commercials over-and-over! For crying out loud, from 9:30 - 10:30, they showed the GGW commercials 5 times! Twice during the same commercial break!!!!!!

"You fucking kids still haven't learned how a business works, huh?"

I don't know, most TV shows have a commercial on average like every 10-11 minutes

That show had commercials every 5 minutes


"You should all have your Mommies come sit next to you and explain how it's normally $40, and then go the extra mile and have her give you instructions on how to change the channel."

About the pay per view, did you notice that on the 50 dollar pay per view they showed the same amount of fights as they show on the free tv broadcast?

You get the same amount of commercials if you order it.

these fucking pathetic sheeple are so ready to bend over and thank corp America for fucking them in the ass because it was free..... it makes me sad...what a bunch of coward pussies afraid to DEMAND any kind of quality in their lives.

You are all prison bitches sucking the corp cock of THE MAN.

I'm just waiting for the day when a technology exists to record shows and not have to watch the commercials.

Okay...We get 5 fights in a 3:30 hour free slot

We get 6 fights in a 4:00 slot that costs 50 bucks

What is wrong with this picture?

They should at least cut down on the fucking advertising during the pay per view.

damn. I remeber when I had to search through the internet and mail order publications to find out about fights. Many times I would read about the fight 2 months after the fact.

You guys are spoiled. We saw Cro Cop KOed via highkick last night.....For FREE.

Uncle Justice: Keep defending people who shit on your face and laugh at you... THAT'S how you change the world...

I think you could have ordered it live on the UFC in Demand.

And Lol at people complaining as if the the time spent watching it took away from their precious time researching a cure for cancer or anything important

Sorry fabes but seriously man.


Although I wish someone would hurt the guy on the Amped commercial who makes sweet love to his cell phone.

I really hate him.

there was alot of commercials, period. people have a right to vent about it.

What in the name of God makes you feel obligated to defend excessive commercials? If they didn't bother you, that's one thing. But come on. I loved Pride, definitely liked it alot more than the UFC.

But anytime someone commented on the mismatches and Zulu Jr. i didnt feel the need to step up and try to defend it.

It just seems people are getting angry with people for saying there were too many commercials.

it's like someone staring a thread complaining it's raining.

next time i will watch it the day after on TIVO

even tivo can't save that broadcast

recorded it as I was out Saturday. watched it this morning. ran right through the commercials and fill material. Even those GGW ads...

rushinbear, How long was it without the filler? 45 minutes?

I spent about 1 hours fastforwarding. watching some of the intros. It was amazing just watching the recorder speed through commercial after commercial after commercial

I found it no different from a ppv... they are just as laden with ads... and uncle justice is right... dana is going to get away with whatever he can... if it means 3 fights in 3 hours and people still cough up 40 or 50 bucks, why would he possibly change anything? to please the fans? HA! cause he has competition? HA!

yeah, this merger is great for mma... really producing some awesome fights... :)