MORE JJ Machado Promotions!

Today Jean Jacques promoted two more students. David
Gondrayez (not sure on the spelling) got his Black Belt and
Joe Rogan received his purple belt. Congrats!!!!

why does it double post????

how many black belts does JJ Machado have now?

let's see...

Todd Nathanson
Lou Salseda
Richard Norton
Eddie Bravo
Carlos Valencia
Todd White
David Dunn
David Gondrayez

Not completely sure but maybe also...
Fernando Vasconcelos (maybe Rigan)

Congrats to all promoted!



Don't forget Mike Zeug (spelling?)

Thanks Jayman...Mike Zeug.
And Free is a JJ Machado Black Belt. Fernando is not. He is
under Rigan.

your welcome, and call me Jay :^)

Now all you need to do is archive this list on Jean Jacques site so we can weed out all the knuckleheads that are claiming rank under him.

congrats to all!

hi jay(man)!


heh heh heh...Jay....I don't do web sites....but I know
someone who does ;) I'll suggest it to them (again).
And Sexy referring to me as "the streets" on the UG?

the streets ...i mean shinblade --- i heard from a friend and so i posted then i came here later and saw it ---this is clearly where he heard though :-)


lol, hmmm shinblade....I wonder who you could be referring to???

Whats up PJ!! When are you coming down for a visit??