More TMA Madness!

Grandmaster Al Garza:

Matrix, as systematized by myself, uses a series of interactive patterns to teach multidimensional combative skills that can be effectively applied to any fighting situation. Picture a series of wheels or a hub with spokes coming out of them. Each hub is a level of combat and each spoke is a particular aspect of combat. Each successive level subsumes or includes each previous level with increasing complexity and effectiveness. Moves that are included, but are not limited to strikes, kicks, sweeps, boxing, chokes, strangulation's, biting, hair pulling, wrestling, joint locking, throws, body pins, control methods and highly advanced finger sets which are similar to the Chinese art of Dim Mak (the "Death Touch").

---"This approach is subdivided into six groups; multiple applications, multi-application, multiple variation, multi-versatile, multiple directions,and multi-directional."---

Wow. Not only does he teach multiple applications, but also multi-applications. In multiple directions AND multi-directionally.

I am humbled. I'm lucky if I can do one technique in one direction without getting my clock cleaned.

good luck dude