More weight classes???

What are the benefits or drawbacks to MMA using more weight
classes? Boxing has 17. UFC uses 5. Pride had, what 3? Bushido
or whatever Options are many but which are good, which are bad and

More weight classes could/would allow for:

a. More champions to market - I think this is a good thing for fighters
and organizations.

b. One guy holding several titles - I think this might be risky for an
organization, but cool for fans.

c. Allow for minimal differences in weight up through...say, 10-15 lbs
in lower classes, 25 to 30 lbs in upper classes (for example: 205, 235,
265, 300+) - I think this would keep the upper weight competition

Mindless banter?

agreed with tellis... no logical way this should happen

We need to add 145 and that's it. Anything below that there is too few guys. And SHW just plain sucks since there is about 5 good guys and alot of fat slobs.

"b. One guy holding several titles - I think this might be risky for an organization, but cool for fans."

I don't believe the NSAC allows you do hold two titles concurrently. I might be wrong on this though.

Personally, I would definately like to see a 145lb. division added. Most of the fights could be on UFNs and title fights could be showcased on the HBO show.

135lb. I could deal w/as well.

There should absolutely be NO weight class above Heavyweight (anything over 205)


I like the Shooto classes personally

Shooto Classes







Fights like Couture-Sylvia prove that having more classes above heavyweight is stupid. Most of the best heavyweights are around the 225-240 range anyway. Why make a bigger class where the Champion of the weight class below would dominate them. What makes the Heavyweight class exciting is the size differences and watching the smaller more skilled Heavy's take out the monsters.

145 Is the only class needed at this point.

"We need to add 145 and that's it."

145lbs already exists.

"We need to add 145 and that's it."
"145lbs already exists."

Obviously it does, so does 132, 123 etc.

The UFC need's 145.

Agreed on adding a 145 class.

"I still think it's unfair to have a Tim Sylvia fighting a Brandon Vera but I guess it's not as important as the 145 pound class."

Brandon chooses to fight at HW. He could easily make LHW if he wanted to.

The thing is, it's not unusual in the heavyweight division to have the smaller fighter win.

In the lighter catagories there are some definite exceptions....but like I said earlier the majority of really good heavy's are between 225-240.

Why make a heavier class of lesser skilled fighters ? Who would really care about a Super heavyweight division if it was common knowledge that the Heavy's were way better anyway.

Too many weight classes have ruined boxing. The UFC's weight class system is perfect just the way it is.

Too many as in 17 is brutal. But one more for the 145 guys would be perfect.

The UFC won't use the 145 and 135 lb. divisions. Zuffa is using the WEC to showcase those weight classes.

I don't know where to add/adjust, but the gap from 155 to 170 is a pretty big deal. More significant than 170-185 because of bodyweight percentage. I know if I were to get in shape and fight (someday, someday) I would be stuck in the middle and be forced to make a huge cut or fight guys much, much bigger at 170.

10 is a nice round number...

Bantamweight 125

Flyweight 135

Featherweight 145

Lightweight 155

Welterweight 170

Middleweight 185

Light-Heavyweight 205

Heavyweight 225

Super-heavyweight 275

Unlimited 300+

What are the chances of an organization other than the UFC adding
weight classes? If he WEC is going to run 145 and maybe 135, why not
add some super giant classes?


I would like to see 145, it would open up a larger audience since there are a lot of races that are more smaller in stature. And a super heavy weight class would be cool in my opinion as well, I like to see freaky big guys collide.

But I think that would be more than enough for the UFC.