most brutal mma fight (video)

from the old days, before the rules were updated. pretty brutal stuff, the level of danger was much greater back then.

far from it

look up erikson in mars vs the russian guy.

okay the title might be sensationalist. however, i've seen many bloody battles but the 12 to 6 elbow from standing to the back of the neck is about as dangerous as it gets in mma.

Even though the fight itself only consisted of headbutts while inside the guard. Pele looked worse than anyone i have seen after 30 minutes of that

Maybe someone has a pic of his face

this has hair pulling, 12 to 6 elbows, no referee stoppage allowed and kicks/knees to the head of a grounded opponent. pretty damn brutal!

plus, thought i would share as not sure this is widely available to see.

if Weit didnt pull hair he may have gotten choked out

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this was untelevised so not a lot of mma fans have seen it.

Crazy early fight. I had never seen this before.

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i also added pat smith versus ray wizard to my youtube channel.

not sure these old fights are readily available but worth watching.

i had all the dark fights from early ufc in the past but dropped my external drive and lost everything. one of the old fights that surprised me was alberta leon the exotic from ufc 2. he showed a lot of heart for someone clueless on the ground.

even had some underground fights from brazil and atlanta. such a shame but i am sure others still have those.

does anyone have the video of alan goes fighting 3 americans at his academy?


Yes that is Brian Kilmeade from Fox & Friends.


Hey, that fat kickboxer was Jon Bones 1.0 (wrestler/kickboxer) !

BTW, how good (ranked) was Orlando in Muay Thai ?