Most Cerebral Fighters

Which MMAers do you feel have the best "mind" for fighting? The fighters who come up with the best strategy, adapt their strategy best during the course of the fight, and just always seem to know what to do when a tough situation arises during a fight.

For me, it would have to go:

  1. Fedor
  2. Couture
  3. Penn


Tony C.


Bill Viele.



^ LOL ^

Fedor, Couture, Penn, Silva.......

Royce back in the day, Frank Shamrock back in the day, Tito before his loss to Randy.....

I'm sure there's more.

Carlson Gracie Sr. Look at the old pictures.

I think Franklin seems very cerebral or methodical.

Horn. (MFS)

Rickson by far.



Would Rickson be cerebral if he fought Horn, Sperry, Carlson Sr ,,,,,. Point is, Cerebral against top fighters. Rickson is great but who has he fought?

Lol @ Conan........ "Cerebral Assasin"!

I thought he misspelled ttt


Couture, Fedor, Horn

i dont know, but im sick of hearing that word used in the wrong context 20 times during every UFC lately

Jeremy Horn.....His mind looks relaxed everytime he fights. I guess that is what experience gives you, huh?


DyingBreed has lobotomized the correct!

Goldy is going to pissed of that ya'll are stealing his favorite term...