Most violent finishes ever?

Alistair Overeem vs. Tae Hyun Lee

Rampage's slam is I thought Arona was dead.

That thai boxing fight where the one guy's shin snapped in half.

Phil Baroni vs. Dave Menne

Lights Leary vs. Bas Rutten


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Phil Baroni vs. Dave Menne
^^^Never got him down Phone Post

"Ya never got me down, Ray" -RAGING BULL Phone Post

Wandy/Yuki Kondo

  past 2 years or so, Marlon Sandro

2008-2009 has got to be Zaromskis.

and Reem will be 2011's winner 

 blanco also deserves some love


 John Howard almost killed Daniel Roberts

Hendo's killshots on Bisping

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uh...yes he did

 and than there's the obvious Lawler, Wand, Crocop, Igor and Tank


 The last few times Babalu has been knocked out
Dan Hornbuckle vs Akihiro Gono
I really thought he died


I love how in that Babalu Mousasi fight Mousasi smirks at the camera at the begining of the video