mouth piece for light sparring?

we practice timing, footwork, blocking, etc with gloves only and no headgear or mouth piece. it's free form (not you throw 2 jabs & i'll block) and not full power. Are we asking for trouble training without wearing a mouth piece?

Trouble? Nah. Unless you have braces.

You WILL get bopped hard accidentally. AcciDENTALly! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


On ocassion, you will get hit hard and may tear up the inside of your mouth a bit. Big deal.

Anyway, it can't hurt to have the mouthpiece in. They are cheaper than tap water.

Are you guys newbies? Newbies always complain that they can't breathe w/ a mouthpiece in. Why else wouldn't you just get one?


If I could only have one piece of gear for sparring it'd by my mouthpiece.

Agree with nottheface, it's so easy to chip a tooth. Also important to get used to wearing it

If the other guy could only have one piece of equipment it'd be gloves. ;-)

Always wear the mouthpiece. Sparring has a way of getting not light.