mouthpiece and cup?

for the upcoming Naga tournament, these 2 are required to compete. my question is how many people use these on a regular basis? quite a few in our class use one or the other, but rarely both. they've been using them since they found out about this rule. what if you show up that day and don't have one or the other. dq? i wonder. never tried using a cup when i roll, i imagine it must take some getting used to.

Cups do offer fulcrum advantage. Not to mention other crushing capabilities. i do not use it training, but i will in comp.


 Is this for Gi and no-Gi?

 Sub might wanna use the cup for no gi or else it would look like he's sporting camel toe, gnome sane?

mouthpiece is allways a must!

right JJD??

lol, Nice one Diken!

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scot le roc - mouthpiece is allways a must!

right JJD??

 Get one for your boy booobley, then maybe he'll STFU! :)

jjd - 
scot le roc - mouthpiece is allways a must!

right JJD??

 Get one for your boy booobley, then maybe he'll STFU! :)


do they make nose guards?

he might need one of those too. haha

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... I hate cups, and I don't have a mouthguard. Can't I just be like "I'm a man." and not use them?

I can't stand cups - can't pinch my fat thighs together. Mouthpiece is a must.

I hate using cups. But it surely puts irritating pressure when you lock in an armbar. Sucker hurts like hell, even if its not locked in correctly.

 I competed in the last NAGA and for my first two matches I wore the cup but it sucked cuz I never wear one while training so i took it off for my finals match. They dont check.

i always wear a cup, even when just doing drills with no contact. started using them after my first day of training and my partner took my back and clicked his heels "wizard of oz" style on my jewels, now i use them every training session. and second i like as much protection between me and another mans body parts against my dck. as for the mouthguard, most times for protection and to control my breathing.

I get kicked in the nuts every other practice, but I still won't wear a cup. It's too inhibiting.

I think having a rule that competitors MUST wear a cup is stupid.

^^^Just liability purposes. Still think it's a weapon if used correctly, cannot be stopped.

Burton was telling me that one dude tapped to Egan's cup grinding into his spine when Egan had the back w/hooks.

i thought egan doesn't wear a cup:)

magigong - i thought egan doesn't wear a cup:)

I'm pretty sure it was a Superbrawl mma match.